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We create products that is unmatchable and user friendly for your users

The App that you have idea for, made with extreme care and understanding. We develop tools/utilities on the demand and ideology of yours and it’s so reliable and responsive that it loves you back. Experience the power of Indie Engineered Brand. We create applications for the idea you really wished to work on, our app development solely works on how you thought your company should be. We put our efforts to learn and implement your profession into powerful Android or iPhone App.

If you have an idea that will make you rich, we are the one to support

Everyone is connected and the world is going on full speed with developed technologies such as Smart Phones, Tablets and Android TV’s. The Rajkot Based developer team delivers you extraordinary apps such as Base Order Management Software, Mobile Based Portfolio, News Feeder Applications and many more.


Apps for Your Business

The apps that is made for you and your work, get your quote now for getting the personalized app that suits your profession!

  • Product Catlog/Portfolio App  Product Catlog/Portfolio App
  • Product Cart/Ordering App  Product Cart/Ordering App
  • Client Service and Support App  Client Service and Support App
  • Company Branding App  Company Branding App
  • App For Dealer and Franchise  App For Dealer and Franchise
  • App For Your Sales Man  App For Your Sales Man

Apps Designed for Gaming!

Power of the Indie Engineering on Android and iPhone


Game Development

Mobile Application Portfolio

Hundred of Android and iPhone Application that gives huge downloads and brought huge revenues to our clients. Some of Recent Completed Projects

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